Re: [Tracker] A question regarding to tracker

hi Huan,

 you should use Uris to link the things (in this case images in an
album) instead of syntactic matching of text.

 i cannot check the ontology now, but your image album should look
more or less like this:

#images already available in tracker
<urn:uuid:image-1> a nmm:Image .
<urn:uuid:image-2> a nmm:Image .

<urn:uuid:image-album-1> a nmm:ImageList ;
                           nie:title "holidays in cancun".

<urn:uuid:image-album-1> nfo:hasMediaListEntry [ a nfo:MediaListEntry;
nfo:position 1; nfo:content <urn:uuid:image-1>] .
<urn:uuid:image-album-1> nfo:hasMediaListEntry [ a nfo:MediaListEntry;
nfo:position 2; nfo:content <urn:uuid:image-2>] .



On 2/23/10, Zheng, Huan <huan zheng intel com> wrote:
Hi, I have a question regarding to tracker, wondering if someone could help

The requirement is: generate Image Album with some rules(picture taken
time/location), and store this information in tracker.

I have come up with a solution, but I'm not sure if it is the best.

For album storing, I will INSERT nmm:ImageList into tracker and set its
nie:title to some name, let's say "ImageAlbumA".
And for those images that belong to this album, I will create a tag for
those images and set the tag's nao:prefLabel to "ImageAlbumA".

Is there a better way?
Anyone played with nfo:mediaListEntry property before? Is it possible for me
to create a nmm:ImageList and set its nfo:mediaListEntry to a bunch of image

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