[Tracker] Internationalization in SPARQL queries


Would it be possible to add an internationalization function in SPARQL queries ?
Actually some properties like nco:locality could have a different value depending on the language used. e.g. 
a city like London City's official name is 'London' so we should put that as its value. But a french user 
won't want to see the city "London" but "Londres" (which is the same city but with its name translated), so 
each application getting data from Tracker should translate this field. I think this could be solved directly 
in Tracker, for example : "SELECT ?city tracker:LocalizedName(?city) {?a a nco:PostalAddress; nco:locality 
?city.}", with tracker:LocalizedName a function that look up for "London" in some db and returns its french 
(in my case) translation.
Obviously if user have a tag "London" it will translate the name while user probably don't want that; so (I 
don't know if it's possible) we could tell tracker:LocalizedName() from where "London" comes -> 
"tracker:LocalizedName(?a nco:locality)".
I know there are many other problem like what's happen when the user gives a a already translated name, or 
maybe a not translated one (we can't make the difference !)... but implementing that in every app would be 
very long and distract the developer from its main objective. 

Oh! a sudden idea ! We could mark properties that need localization in the ontologies then Tracker would 
easily knows that he should have to use tracker:LocalizedName() on the value and automatically check if user 
input is already translated.

Well, that are only ideas, but one day problems with internationalization/localization of data will come and 
now is not to early to solve them.


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