[Tracker] Could not get all tags, 1.31: syntax error

Hallo all,

i currently have problem with latest testing version 0.7.19.
I got this version from ppa:tracker-team/tracker-unstable. And it has some issues:

It indexed all my files  but i can't find anything with gui tracker-search-tool.
With cli tracker-search can find some of them.
If i try to tag some file, it will return no error:
LC_ALL="us_EN.UTF-8" tracker-tag -a music video.ogv 
Tag was added successfully
but after:
LC_ALL="us_EN.UTF-8" tracker-tag video.ogv 
  No tags were found
and if this file is with spaces:
LC_ALL="us_EN.UTF-8" tracker-tag vid\ eo.ogv 
<vid eo.ogv>
Could not get all tags, 1.31: syntax error, expected `}'

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