Re: [Tracker] huge database

And searching for a key word is generally quite slow.  In the options
dialog box, I gave tracker a list of things not to index, such as
auxiliary TeX files (*.bbl, *.blg, ...) and mathematica files (*.nb)
and not to index version control directories like .svn or _darcs.  I
told it to skip directories named 'Data' and 'Samples' where I keep
large text files full of numerical data.

At least I think that's what I did.  I entered those in the 'Ignored
Content' tab under 'Directories', 'Glob patterns to ignore'.

I can't figure out what's taking up so much time and space, and I
don't know where to begin.  Is there a way to get some kind of list of
what files it's searching and how much space they're taking up in the

Did you run "tracker-control -rs" to reindex all from scratch after
those configuration changes? Not sure if tracker-miner-fs will manage
that configuration change automagically... specially for the ignore


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