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Hi guys,

We are making ontology changes that could break certain applications.

The ontology changes are about albums and discs of songs.

Added ontology items

nmm:MusicAlbumDisc a rdfs:Class ;
        rdfs:label "Music album Disc" .

nmm:albumDiscAlbum a rdf:Property ;
        rdfs:label "album disk" ;
        rdfs:range nmm:MusicAlbum ;
        nrl:maxCardinality 1 ;
        rdfs:domain nmm:MusicAlbumDisc .

nmm:musicAlbumDisc a rdf:Property ;
        rdfs:label "is part of album disc" ;
        rdfs:comment "album disc the music belongs to" ;
        rdfs:subPropertyOf nie:isLogicalPartOf ;
        nrl:maxCardinality 1 ;
        rdfs:domain nmm:MusicPiece ;
        rdfs:range nmm:MusicAlbumDisc .

Changed ontology items (changes marked with *)

nmm:musicCDIdentifier a rdf:Property ;
        rdfs:label "Music CD identifier" ;
        rdfs:comment "... " ;
        rdfs:subPropertyOf nie:identifier ;
        nrl:maxCardinality 1 ;
*       rdfs:domain nmm:MusicAlbumDisc ;
        rdfs:range xsd:string .

nmm:setNumber a rdf:Property ;
        rdfs:label "Disc number" ;
        rdfs:comment "Disc number of album disc" ;
        nrl:maxCardinality 1 ;
*       rdfs:domain nmm:MusicAlbumDisc ;
        rdfs:range xsd:integer .

Note that Disc1 of a song that has an album filled in, will be implicit
and filled in even if there's no Disc info. Only when a song's TPOS is
filled in will a non-Disc1, DiscN, be used. The GStreamer, Vorbis, Flac,
GuPNP-DLNA and MP3-native extractors have been adapted for this.

The URN format is:

  urn = tracker_sparql_escape_uri_printf ("urn:album-disc:%s:Disc%d",
                                          md.album, md.set_number);

Meaning that it looks like this:


But please don't rely on the URN format of the subject, I only put the
format here for in case a team wants to create their own MusicAlbumDisc
resource for some reason (then please use the same URN format).

For assistance with queries you are welcome on the #tracker channel on
the GimpNET IRC server.




Philip Van Hoof
freelance software developer
Codeminded BVBA - http://codeminded.be

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