[Tracker] Indexing of odf/odt files

Hey folks,

some days ago I installed tracker and up to now nearly everything worked
as expected. However, I have some issues regarding indexing of odf/odt
files. It seems that tracker is not indexing any of my odf files at all.
I am using Arch Linux and tracker v. 0.8.3.

According to the list of supported formats on the tracker website (see
http://live.gnome.org/Tracker/SupportedFormats) tracker should be able
to index odf/odt files as long as unzip is installed (which is the case
on my system). However, the last change of the list was in 2008 what
makes me believe that the information there could be outdated.

Since I didn't find any configuration tweaks in the Arch Linux tracker
package that disable the indexing of odf/odt files I did some googling
and found out that they people at the Ubuntu forums recommend to use
odt2txt. However, this seems to me to be a quite dirty workaround.

Is there anyone who has/had the same problem and has any ideas on a
possible fix?



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