[Tracker] nikon project status

Hallo all,

here is small status report:
- interpreter is written in c snd depend in libc + uuid
- it walk through directories (i use nftw function) and seek DCIM
folder, after it it try to match know patterns
- if some groups are found it generate uuid for this group. (i think no
names needed, just uuids)

the question:
if i copy files from flash to the pc and after it add to tracker groups,
i'll need to create url, and group (probably tracker will not index
files so soon). Will tracker extract methadata after it? can i tell
tracker to do it? (it sound a bit tricky)

other scenario will let tracker index flash, interpret dcim and add
groups, copy files and replace in sparql the urls. (this sound less
tricky, but Debarshi du not like this scenario)


PS: happy easter!

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