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hi Nikolaus,

 your use case is exactly what tracker does.

 Tracker will discover the new files and extract the content. It
supports the most common formats, but if you need something else, you
can add a module for the extractor; it has a simple api and is a
fairly easy task.

 if i understand correctly, you just need to write a UI to ask tags
and metadata to the user and insert that data into tracker using

 feel free to ask more specific questions here in the mailing list or in IRC.



On 4/2/10, Nikolaus Rath <Nikolaus rath org> wrote:

I am currently using a set of self-developed scripts to manage a
document archival system. When a document is added to the archive,
the user has to assign a name, tags from a predefined list, a date and
optionally a couple of keywords. The script then extracts the plain
text from the document, adds the additional metadata and writes
out an XML file. The XML file is then indexed by Swish++.

For retrieval, another script asks for keywords, tags and a date-range,
invokes Swish++ to do the search and retrieve the metadata, presents a
nice list with results and finally opens the original document.

I was wondering to what extent it would be possible to replace this
system with something more established like tracker. From the
documentation, I gather that it is possible to assign tags to the
documents. But can I also add additional meta data, like title, keywords
and timestamps and show them in the result list? Is it possible to
constrain the results to a given time span?

The tracker-search-tool GUI seems a little simplistic, but it seems to
me that there is probably more under the hood that I could use...



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