Re: [Tracker] Photo management application

El 26/10/09 07:17, Martyn Russell escribió:
On 24/10/09 12:34, Debarshi Ray wrote:
I am trying to build a F-Spot photo management application using
Tracker 0.7.x as the backend. I have been going through Ivan Frade's
presentation PDFs and the documentation on the GNOME wiki. I have a
few questions in this regard:

+ I would like the user to be able to identify a tag with a name and
an icon, as it is done in F-Spot. The nao:prefLabel property can be
used to give names, but how can I provide an icon for a tag? (Note: I
am not just trying to mark photos with tags as in tracker-tag
--add=summer /path/summer.jpg, but looking for a tag icon).

+ If I want the user to be able to "import" and/or "export" to
Flickr/PicasaWeb, and otherwise interact with their photos such Web
services should I rely on data fetched by the Flickr and/or PicasaWeb
miners? Where can I read a bit more in what miners are supposed to do?

Adrien is working on those right now. They are not yet in the upstream
repository but we are working on it.

Debarshi : feel free to poke me if you want more information, I'm also
known as webustany on IRC.

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