Re: [Tracker] Write-back data & default/dummy data

On 27/10/09 12:53, Natan Yellin wrote:
Right, I understand why it would make sense for tracker to return
default ontology data. I just don't understand why that data should ever
be written back to the original file. (The only use that I understand-
and disagree with- is to fix up filenames using Video Title.)

Rather it is the other way round. Say you search for all videos in your application and you show or sort by title. If there is no title (which can happen on a phone or small device where the user just takes the picture and never fills in a title) - the filename might be called "2009-10-27-$location-$number.jpeg", So should that be used as the title in the video? Otherwise apps that need this value have to deal with it not existing too. This makes queries potentially complex.


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