[Tracker] tracker-store leaking


Seems there's some bad leak in tracker-store; top claims it's upwards
of 300MB of RAM while valgrind output is summarised below. For a full
log, please find attached.

Be aware such greed only happens after I start tracker-miner-fs.

==32548== LEAK SUMMARY:
==32548==    definitely lost: 160 bytes in 2 blocks
==32548==    indirectly lost: 120 bytes in 10 blocks
==32548==      possibly lost: 182,731,118 bytes in 2,420,760 blocks
==32548==    still reachable: 113,384 bytes in 1,720 blocks
==32548==         suppressed: 24,748 bytes in 197 blocks

my place on the web:

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