Re: [Tracker] Write-back data & default/dummy data

On 26/10/09 18:44, Maria K. wrote:

Martyn Russell wrote:

After this mornings meeting, we briefly discussed libstreamanalyser
(LSA) and again, this topic of writing data back to files and setting
default data where it doesn't exist in the file's metadata was brought

1. If a file doesn't have ALL the metadata associated with it that we
would normally expect (for example Video Title), should we set a
default value for these cases?

maybe sth. like 'Unknown', better maybe to leave it empty

"Unknown" can be used as a valid value in some situations.

The idea that Jurg came up with was to have a COALESCE() SPARQL function, so you could have:

   SELECT COALESCE(nie:title(?n),nfo:fileName(?n),"unknown")

This way it falls back to those values in that order. I quite like this approach, but I wonder if it is enough.

2. If we do have a default value to set, should we write this back to
the file?

I wouldn't write it back without asking the user first.

We wouldn't.

This is not the
kind of behaviour I'd expect from tracker. (would you like to have all
of your videos renamed to

I don't think this will happen anyway. Most of the team are not in favour of doing this from recent discussion on IRC.

If there's a dialog giving files with missing tags that could be fixed,
that's different.

It won't really be like that.


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