Re: [Tracker] 0.6.94 performance questions

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 12:57 -0700, Jin Suh wrote:
I use a USB 2.0 thumb drive to contain the tracker outputs by creating
a link /root/.cache/tracker -> /mnt/out/cache/tracker. Will this make
performance slow to write *.db to a thumbdrive? The size of the
thumbdrive is 4GB and the current cache size is about 500MB. I used
this way in 0.6.91 without problems (I think it took less than an hour
back then for the same 90GB Linux /home files). 

It should be fine. It somewhat depends on what file system you use too
of course, FAT is likely to be slower than say EXT3. But the recent
performance improvements should really help.

I just tested again on my desktop today and managed to index my 7k test
data (with --disable-detailed-metadata and --enable-fts of course) in 19
seconds. Two weeks ago, that was taking 36 seconds and the database size
was ridiculous (as mentioned previously).

I was planning on releasing at some point today with the latest and
greatest actually. 

It is still indexing for 3 days. Now the applet says "29 days and 11
hours to index, done: 30000 of 870000".

Hopefully the latest changes will help. 

My only purpose is to use the tracker with a full speed to index data
and nothing else and then I am going to use the tracker-search. So, is
there a good way to tweak the src codes to index using highest
performance? I already set the throttling to (0 fastest). It doesn't
seem to work that way.

The tracker-0.6 branch is what you want to try. I would wait until later
today when I should have released. But also note, Ubuntu patch tracker
on top of what is in the GNOME repository.
Does the development trunk contain the latest updates? Do you think
this will improve indexing performance?

Master may well be better, but it isn't stable yet and I would advise
you use this with caution. It is under heavy development right now.

The tracker-0.6 branch is what you should be using.


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