Re: [Tracker] 0.6.94 performance questions

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 08:06 -0700, Jin Suh wrote:
1. I have about 90GB linux files - various files including scripts,
data, src codes, tgz, bz2 and tar files under /home. The tracker
applet says it will take 26 days to finish indexing. Windows seem much
faster (11 min. for 2GB data folder).


The 26 days is an estimation. In the last few days we have really
improved this too. We were finding that it was creating a database of
~25Mb just for 4k items. We now do approximately 5Mb for 10k items. In
the next release this will be greatly improved.

2. In the config files, I set the performance as 0 (fast),
SmartPausing is off, no watch but just crawling /home and the memory
for faster indexing. Let me know if you need the config files.

OK, again, we have been doing a lot of performance testing over the past
2 weeks and really tightened our belts here (so to speak).

3. I often see a message saying "indexer is paused due to low
memory(disk) or high load".  Why is that?

We can't be more specific due to legacy APIs we don't want to break
during 0.6 releases. But it means either your disk space is low (you can
configure when it triggers this in the config) OR we pause because we
are monitoring the file system and a lot of events are being produced
(like when copying lots of files around).

4. I see a bunch of places in the src that sets the "nice -n19" which
is the slowest. I want to run the tracker with a full performance all
the time in indexing. Could you tell me how to speed it up for faster

Yea, this isn't the slowest and it will use your processor, but it won't
have *priority* over other processes, that's the point. Also if we
didn't add throttling of any sorts, it would bring your computer to its
knees ;)

Thank you guys, as always,

No problem :)


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