Re: [Tracker] a little bit of feedback

On 11/12/09 10:28, Tomi N/A wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm stuck with the 0.6 branch until I decide to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10
(which, I assume, uses 0.7...).

Nope. You will have to check it out and build it yourself unfortunately.

I understand that tracker supports a limited set of file types, but I
don't see a reason for it to not at least index the full path to a
file, including it's name, regardless of the type.

It always indexes basic file information like that. Just not embedded metadata for unknown file types.

What I see in the preferences GUI is that if I decline to restart the
indexer, the "index mounted disks" property is silently reset to

Hmm. I thought that was also fixed. What version of tracker are you using?


Hmm, I really advise you to try 0.7. ;)

Out of curiosity, have you thought about trying 0.7? It is infinitely

I would very much like to use the latest and greatest, but I
appreciate the stability I get from not customizing my Ubuntu machines
any more than absolutely hopefully, Ubuntu 9.10 uses
tracker 0.7 and I might upgrade in the near future, but until then,
I'll have to make do with 0.6 until then.


You should know, tracker 0.7 has been quite stable for some time. We are planning on making stable releases after xmas.

There are a couple of additional problems I'd like to mention:

Asking tracker to pause indexing (to free the CPU for other tasks)
seems to not have any effect: trackerd still takes 99% of the CPU.

If you're using any version < 0.6.95 then I would suggest you try to upgrade. If it still happens with that version, then you can't do any worse by upgrading to 0.7 ;)

Trackerd prevents suspend to RAM (probably hibernation, as well, but I
haven't tested that one). Suspend has a 20s window to stop all
processes to be able to suspend: while it isn't the only culprit, 90%
of the time it's the trackerd process that prevents suspend.

Oh really, that's interesting. We should check that doesn't happen in 0.7 too then.


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