Re: [Tracker] Review request : Bridge manager subsystem

On 18/08/09 13:19, Ivan Frade wrote:
    When people log in, they are launched anyway based on the desktop
    file configuration. That's currently how tracker-store and
    tracker-miner-fs work.

  The .desktop files to start the miners are system-wide
($prefix/dbus-1/services/ or something similar), but the user can decide
in his session what to enable or not (e.g. the user can disable the RSS
miner). When the user logs in... how does the session know whether a
miner should be started?

Well the desktop files go in either:


And the process is started depending on this value in the desktop file:

  X-GNOME-autostart-enabled = {True|False}

  Now i think that maybe it is very easy: start all providers, and in
the configuration files we can have a "Enabled" option. If it is false,
the miner will exit. It doesn't sound good for the gnome-session
starting time, but it is trivial to implement.

That's currently how we do most things right now. I also don't think any miners are going to install a desktop file with auto start set to False. It doesn't really make much sense. No one else is going to start them, at least not at the moment.


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