Re: [Tracker] Review request : Bridge manager subsystem


On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 1:38 PM, Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com> wrote:

 About the "life cycle" of the miners: Who/when/where start the miners?
they are installed in the system, but are started with the user session.
And each user has his own processes. Maybe we need a small extra program
(tracker-session) to wake them up when the user logs in.

This is quite interesting.

Carlos and I just had a lengthy discussion about the API and what we are thinking about doing here. I will continue with the API ideas to the "Discussing the API of libtracker-miner" thread.

But I can't see any reason why miners can't stay resident the whole time. With the desktop files, that is the only way they get started right now and I don't think we should need a "manager" to do this. Also I think the applet shouldn't have to be running for miners to do their jobs, so really they should either be running 100% of the time or have a manager AFAICS. I don't think it is a problem if miners are always running. Do people disagree here?

 Miners running all the time: completely OK. That is the idea. 

When people log in, they are launched anyway based on the desktop file configuration. That's currently how tracker-store and tracker-miner-fs work.

 The .desktop files to start the miners are system-wide ($prefix/dbus-1/services/ or something similar), but the user can decide in his session what to enable or not (e.g. the user can disable the RSS miner). When the user logs in... how does the session know whether a miner should be started?

 Now i think that maybe it is very easy: start all providers, and in the configuration files we can have a "Enabled" option. If it is false, the miner will exit. It doesn't sound good for the gnome-session starting time, but it is trivial to implement.



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