Re: [Tracker] more issues with indexer-split

On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 16:30 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
Martyn Russell wrote:
Martyn Russell wrote:

So I have been reading up on the things that are remaining for merging.
This is the list I have so far which I will be working on:

* Check the move files/directories issue. I *think* it works.

Work on this will be continuing Monday.

This should be fixed now. The to and from strings were simply the wrong
way round. The code has also been improved here to use the file event
queue too which means we can make full use of the state machine also.

* Make private libraries .so files to dynamically load them.

I have made libtracker-common, libtracker-db and libstemmer all .so files.

But I think what you meant was to make each language a .so which we
dlopen() using something like GModule, right? That we can possibly do
next week. I don't think this should stop the merge to be honest. There
are bigger problems to address first.

I will start on this tomorrow. But we don't need it for the merge.

* The directory mtime issue on startup.

This is fixed.

Have I missed anything?

New items:

* Check mtime for summary files too.

I have yet to do this. I spoke briefly to Carlos about it. His opinion
was that it isn't necessary. I agree that it certainly isn't necessary
for the merge. I can look into this some time after the .so issue.

Jamie can we try to get this merge done this week please

sure - just need to check your additions which I will try to do tonight

obviously post merge you will have to submit major patches to me so best to get as much in as possible before 


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