Re: [Tracker] more issues with indexer-split

Martyn Russell wrote:

So I have been reading up on the things that are remaining for merging.
This is the list I have so far which I will be working on:

* Check the move files/directories issue. I *think* it works.

Work on this will be continuing Monday.

* Fix the get_file_contents() function so it checks for #13 in the first

This should be fixed now. I actually took a different approach on this.
The code has a #define at the top to switch the behaviour here between

* Validating up to the most valid UTF-8 character (default).

* Checking for valid UTF-8, if not, trying to convert from locale and if
unsuccessful dropping the file (behaviour in TRUNK).

* Make private libraries .so files to dynamically load them.

I have made libtracker-common, libtracker-db and libstemmer all .so files.

But I think what you meant was to make each language a .so which we
dlopen() using something like GModule, right? That we can possibly do
next week. I don't think this should stop the merge to be honest. There
are bigger problems to address first.

* The directory mtime issue on startup.

Work on this will be continuing on Monday.

Have I missed anything?

New items:

* Check mtime for summary files too.

Im also adding my tracker-fts stuff into that branch so will likely
merge when above + my stuff is ready

Yea. Can you make sure your code compiles without warnings before
committing in the future if possible :)

With the new code additions, make distcheck fails and building packages
is impossible. For now, I made your code optional (disabled by default).
To compile it, you can use --enable-sqlite-fts with configure.


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