Re: [Tracker] Proposing a release

On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 18:56 +0200, Ivan Frade wrote:
Hi all,

 We have been working hard last months, and now we have a tracker in a
stable state. I think it is so stable as to propose a release in a
couple of weeks.

 It could be tracker 0.6.90, and would include a completely refactored
daemon (splitted in two processes), introspection in the DBus API,
modules for the indexer, some new convenience methods in the API, some
documentation, initial support for playlists and a lot of other
improvements like unit tests (low coverage, but there they are), the
opportunity to build modules for the indexer out-of-the-tree and...
well, somebody should prepare proper Release Notes.

 Things like FTS and the decomposed tables schema should wait for the
next release. This changes are going to break the API completely, and
are so big and deep that justify a 0.7 version. I think a "last" release
in the 0.6.x series is necessary.

 Jamie: What do you think about this?

 The people in Rygel (previously GUpnp) are using tracker and to have a
new release would simplify a lot their life (at least in the
technological level). It can also help us to bugtriagging the current
bugs, and receive fresh feedback from regular users.

 The pending tasks for this release (if Jamie agree on it) are at least:

* Finish the save/restore of metadata between reindexes
* Better handling of removable devices

 So... comments?

Well I was hoping to avoid two forced consecutive reindexes (one for
0.69 and one for 0.7)

Depending on time (not mine but the nokia team - I shall have some time
around xmas) I would like to release in january with FTS and decomposed
tables including updated ontology (nepomuk and/or xesam)

So I would prefer any time to be spent on getting the db and index
structure finalised. 

If the above is not realistic then we could well do a 0.69 before xmas

Also pls keep an eye on

as well as bugzilla bugs and make sure the new stuff fixes any serious
problem mentioned there


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