Re: [Tracker] tracker on a desktop cluster?

Chris Fanning wrote:
The daemon should start itself, is there actually another process
already started at this point?
after entering via 'su - username', the only processes running under
'username' are
1. su
2. bash
trackerd does not start dbus by itself, that's why I use "dbus-launch trackerd"

Sure, but I would expect DBus to be running a session bus already. I
would expect to see this:

martyn petunia:~$ ps -C dbus-daemon -o pid,uid,cmd
 5186   103 /usr/bin/dbus-daemon --system
 6232  1000 dbus-daemon --fork --print-address 20 --print-pid 22 --session

Ah, that's TRUE. Note. If you call the Tracker DBus API, it should start
it for you. I would advise not starting it yourself,
Maybe trackerd is finding a PID file or lockfile someplace? If both
trackerd on index_server and desktop_server are reading the same file
that might explain it.

Well, we don't use PID files, we use DBus to manage if we are already
running or not. So if it comes back with that error, then it means there
is already a session running and the Tracker name is already in use.

and just using the
config option to disable indexing instead.

The reason I asked about passing a different config to trackerd was
because of this. Both the desktop_server and the index_server share
the same /home. 

Do they share the same /var? The only reason I ask, is that DBus has
files in there which could be causing the "already running" issue.


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