[Tracker] tracker on a desktop cluster?


I'm new on the list.
I'd like to know if what I'm planning with tracker is possible or what
might be the way to get what I want working.

I have a small cluster that serves ubuntu desktops to users via
freenx. I would like to make tracker-search-tool available to the
But I'm not sure how to do it. I've read quite often on the net about
tracker running wild or using lots of system resources.
This is something I must avoid because on each node there can be up to
15 concurrent users.
So I thought I could set up a server solely dedicated to indexing
files. This index_server (lenny?) could import users homes via NFS.
I could then write some kind of script that runs something like for each user:
su - uid
dbus-launch trackerd

Then back on the node the user would run
trackerd  --no-indexing

Would this work? What will happen when the nodes and the index_server
are running different versions of tracker?
Might there be another way to deal with this scenario?


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