[Tracker] Tracker configuration for romanian language

Hi all,

I have a lot of documents and PDF's in romanian language and tried a way to index them.
I have tried a lot of desktop search tools : beagle , strigi , recoll , pinot , tracker.
The final choise is : RECOLL , because it has some features the are suitable for indexing and searching romanian documents, THE SEARCH IS IMMUNE TO ACCENTED CHARACTERS and IT HAS ROMANIAN LANGUAGE STEMMING.

The second in preferences is TRACKER , and it would be probably the first choice IF it can do the same things.

So my 2 question are:

1. is there a way of configuring tracker to index/search romanian words regardless of their accented variants ? ( Example, not sure that specials chars it will pass the mailer , ÅeavÄ or teava , ÅuncÄ or sunca , ÃnvÄÅat or invatat )

2. what is needed in order to add the romanian language for stemming ?Â
http://snowball.tartarus.org/algorithms/romanian/stemmer.html helps somehow ?

Best regards,
Constantin Teodorescu

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