Re: [Tracker] tracker & nautilus integration += metatags

Ok "id" must be the file path and not the uri.

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 11:12 PM, yelo_3 <yelo_3 yahoo it> wrote:
I've found tracker_metadata_get in tracker.h. This seems the closest
function with that features.
I used it in this way, but I always get an error. The folder is
watched, and if I search for music.mp3 tracker finds the file.
Entity with ID file:///home/yelo3/Documenti/music.mp3 and service
Music was not found in database
maybe the "id" is not the file uri...


TrackerClient* client = NULL;
client = tracker_connect(TRUE);
const char* id = "file:///home/yelo3/Documenti/music.mp3";
char* keys[] = {"Audio.Artist", NULL};
GError *error = NULL;
char** result = tracker_metadata_get(client, SERVICE_MUSIC, id, keys, &error);

if (error != NULL)
       printf("%s\n", error->message);

char** resutl_start = result;
while (result)
       printf("%s\n", *result);
       result = result + 1;


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