Re: [Tracker] [patch] bug 503376 - Cannot disable evolution "Enable Evolution email Indexing" in "Emails" tab


Thanks for your time :)

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 14:44 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:

The problem is, that this doesn't follow GNOME's instant-apply idea.
Yes, it is true.

For the time being, when a bool/int key is changed, the D-Bus message
will be sent out directly, but the configuration is not saved until
"Close" is clicked. This will make inconsistence if the t-p is crashed
or killed.

It would also be counter intuitive, to apply the settings with
"Close". "Ok" would be much better imho.
Make sense to me, it is a little change.

Atm it's not very consistent unfortunately. Some settings are applied
instantly, some only on close.
I can think two ways here:

Option 1: Send key change D-Bus message and save the configuration to
disk when use change setting.

Option 2: Send key change D-Bus messages and save the configuration to
disk when use click "Close" or "OK" button.

I can see the biggest disadvantages for option #1. If the key change
(like enable/disable Evolution) is time-consuming, it would annoy, even
nightmare if user clicked the widgets time by time.

So I would like to choose option #2 for no-waste and performance


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