Re: [Tracker] [patch] bug 503376 - Cannot disable evolution "Enable Evolution email Indexing" in "Emails" tab

2008/1/21, Halton Huo <Halton Huo sun com>:
On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 10:48 +0800, Halton Huo wrote:
[2]. tracker-preferences will send out the key changes D-BUS message
when user click the widget, that will cause trackerd get the change
take effect directly. I'd like to change t-p to send out the changes
only after use click "Close" button. What do you think?
Patch for this is ready. Please review it also.

The basic idea is to have a GSList to store all the changes instead of
sending out D-Bus messages directly. After user click "Close" button, go

The problem is, that this doesn't follow GNOME's instant-apply idea.
It would also be counter intuitive, to apply the settings with
"Close". "Ok" would be much better imho.
Atm it's not very consistent unfortunately. Some settings are applied
instantly, some only on close.


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