Re: [Tracker] Bugzilla is not the evil [was Re: Issues with current trunk]

On 05/12/08 10:52, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno mar, 02/12/2008 alle 01.34 +0100, Michael Biebl ha scritto:
Hi everyone,

instead of filing tons of bugs (we already have more than enough, many
are unanswered), I'll try to write up a (short) list, upon which
issues I stumbled:

I know it's OT but... are you really sure that this list of issues on
mailing list (or on a wiki page) can be managed better then filed bugs
on bugzilla???

Maybe bugzilla is not trivial, but it's well suited to _track_ issues
and their life cycle. I'm currently using bugzilla to track the status
of HighContrast-SVG icon theme and it's really really useful, especially
helpful to allow other people to know if someone if working on a bug and
if a bug fix is planned/desired to land on future release

Of course active developers should take care to check stuff on bugzilla,
confirm the bug and eventually assign it. Is not useful report a bug on
bugzilla if nobody will take care of it ;)

Luca is right. We should be using bugzilla.

Adding your fix requests to the mailing list does not guarantee us looking at them in any way what so ever.

Bugzilla isn't harder than writing an email either. If it is, then the product needs some love, which I suspect is the case.

I find it very hard to track issues on a mailing list, so if something gets missed, we are not to blame. I am sure that polling the mailing list every time something is forgotten is not less effort than it being in bugzilla where we constantly look.


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