Re: [Tracker] tracker-applet is totally odd for GNOME HIG

2007/10/16, Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>:

Il giorno mar, 16/10/2007 alle 15.38 +0200, Luca Ferretti ha scritto:
OK, the subject it terrific, but it's sadly true.

So I think we should really remove from tracker-applet all stuff not
related with the indexing status notification. Also the notification
icon should be displayed (maybe animated) only when tracker is indexing
and will need more then XX seconds (5? 10?) to complete the task.

Forgot: of course we have to show the icon when trackerd is paused too,
allowing to resume it. Maybe a transient appearance could be good, but
I'm not sure GtkStatusIcon allow it.

If we don't show the applet all the time, how should a user be able to
pause tracker?

I also don't like the idea into converting it into a real panel
applet, because that makes it GNOME only (whereas atm it runs just
fine in XFCEs and KDEs systray).


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