Re: [Tracker] Announce: Nemo 0.1

Anders Rune Jensen a écrit :
On Nov 30, 2007 8:48 AM, David Coeurjolly
<david coeurjolly liris cnrs fr> wrote:
Anders Rune Jensen a écrit :
On Nov 29, 2007 3:55 PM, David Coeurjolly
<david coeurjolly liris cnrs fr> wrote:
Not yet. We need to set up the normal infrastructure (bugtracker,
mailinglist, etc.) but we wanted to focus on getting the alpha release
out to you guys as soon as possible.
Well just some comments:

  - "Open with": the app is launched but without the document (argument
passing problem?)

I'll look into that one, seemed to work here. What file type was it
and what program was opening the file?

PDF -> evince (default)

Open with: xpdf, acroread (both have the problem)

By the way, it works perfectly with the other types (spreadsheets,...)

  - How do you create Labels? Are they tracker tags?

You right click on All in the left side. There you can add a new label
or a new category to house a related group of labels. So it's
two-level. And yes you will be able to change the color away from the
awful pink in the near future :-)

Ok works fine... I was looking for an "Add label" in the "Labels"
contextual menu when right-clicking on a document..

What do you think about merging nemo/labels and tracker/tags ?

  - Minor detail: change the today cell background color..

Good idea. Thanks!

Keep the suggestions coming :-)

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