Re: [Tracker] Tracker, Nautilus, Feisty--A Few Questions

Il giorno ven, 11/05/2007 alle 18.36 -0700, greg ha scritto:
Hi All,

I'm trying to get Tracker working with Nautilus 2.18.1 on a Feisty 
install. FYI - I was successfully able to get Tracker to work with 
Deskbar by using the workaround (turning off Tracker in sessions and 
letting Deskbar launch it). Very nice.

1. Now I want to enable Tracker with Nautilus. I've tried madman's 
python tool (admittedly released for Edgy) with no luck. I cannot find
Tracker enabled Nautilus 2.18.1. So how can I get this to work?

To enable Nautilus using the tracker this are the things that you have
to do:
1) Compile Nautilus when you have tracker-lib installed (Already
installed if you compile from svn, otherwise look for something like

2) You have done.

Note: If Beagle is running it gets the priority.
If you want to make sure that tracker is picked up by the Nautilus, stop

2. My ultimate goal is to use Tracker to build virtual folders based
tags. Then I can manage all my documents using virtual folders (which 
will allow me to keep one document in multiple locations). Is this 
possible yet? If so how?

I think a Nautilus view is something that you are looking for. But I can
be terribly wrong. ;)

3. How do I tag files? I've tried tracker-tag, but it doesn't seem to
anything. Is there a GUI interface for tagging, or does this
with Nautilus? BTW - I have installed tracker-utils.

Right now (AFAIK) it is possibile to tag with:
1) command line
2) tracker-gui


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