Re: [Tracker] Indexing of Evolution data

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 14:26 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
2007/5/10, Abstract <thikrat gmail com>:
Hello All,


I have been using beagle for a while but am looking to switch because
of the CPU usage and a couple other things I heard.  Please verify if
the following are correct or not.

My company is heavy on exchange, therefore I must use Evolution to do
e-mail.  Does tracker index the entire e-mail message or just the
subject/sender/receiver like beagle does?

Also, will tracker index old e-mails that exist in the evolution store
or just new e-mails that are sent or received, like beagle does?

I appreciate any help you can give, windows desktop search is keeping
me stuck on windows because i use it about 30 times a day to lookup
e-mails that are years old.

First of all, for evolution indexing you need tracker from current
svn, which will be 0.6. The official 0.6 release will be soon
hopefully. Jamie is very busy atm fixing the remaining bugs.

If you want tracker to index your complete emails (not only the
header), you need to select your folders for offline usage, so
evolution downloads the complete emails.
On the first run tracker will index all your existing emails, so this
can take a while.
After that, only messages, that arrive new, will be indexed.

So tracker should suit your needs.

The only real limitation atm is, that tracker won't delete email from
the search index, when they are deleted within evolution.

we check for deletes and junk and remove them from the index on trackerd
startup so evo must be closed (so it saves what is deleted) and trackerd
restarted to deal with deletes

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