[Tracker] PATCH: adding manpage metadata extraction

hi all-

I came up with this first pass at metadata-extraction for manpages.
Currently it adds the following keys:

Doc:Title - the manpage name, i.e. ls, cat

Doc:Subject - based on the formal descriptions of each section from the
man(1) page, i.e. "Executable Programs", "Library Calls".  This part
needs i18n love.

Man:Section - this a custom key referring to the manpage section number
(1-9, plus wierd ones like 3ssl and 3pm).  Is it legal/kosher to add my
own key like that?

Doc:Description - taken from the 'NAME' section of the manpage,
specifically the text after the '-'.

Running tracker-extract manually over various manpages seems to work.
However, trackerd doesn't seem to be picking up the files.  Is there
something i need to do in trackerd for it to index files of type
Michael Frank                         /v\
msfrank syntaxjockey com             // \\
                                    /(   )\
GPG Fingerprint:                     ^`-'^
2A44 DF32 91A5 ADA9 0E86 4F65 4051 870D 8B51 6EE0

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