Re: [Tracker] [PATCH] mingw patches

On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 18:41 +0100, Anders Rune Jensen wrote:
Hi list

This mail contains patches to support mingw, furthermore it also
implements notifications on windows similar to inotify on linux.

It's currently a little rough as I'm not 100% sure how to cleanly
integrate it. Currently it's a lot of ifdef OS_WIN32 scattered around
the code which is not very nice. I would like to move a lot of the
unix specific code into a tracker-unix.c file and then create a
tracker-win.c file with the windows specific bits. I have currently
tried to keep as much of changes specific to mingw in mingw-compat.h
but I think more is needed. I would really like an opinion on how to
proceed to get these patches applied upstream.

windows wont be suported as such

but if the changes code form a minimal footprint I might allow it

the os specific bits would be:

uri checker:
       g_return_val_if_fail (uri, FALSE);
+#ifndef OS_WIN32
       g_return_val_if_fail (uri[0] != '/', FALSE);

use G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S instead of '/'

link specific code (windows doesn't support links):
+#ifdef OS_WIN32
+                       is_link = FALSE;
                       is_link = S_ISLNK (finfo.st_mode);

wont S_ISLNK always return FALSE on windows?

external application startup:

would just take a argv[4] and do the right thing.

+#ifdef OS_WIN32
+               argv[0] = "cmd.exe";
+               argv[1] = "/c";
+               argv[2] = g_strdup (text_filter_file);
+               argv[3] = g_filename_from_utf8 (uri, -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);
+               argv[4] = g_strdup (temp_file_name);
+               argv[5] = NULL;
               argv[0] = g_strdup (text_filter_file);
               argv[1] = g_filename_from_utf8 (uri, -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);
               argv[2] = g_strdup (temp_file_name);
               argv[3] = NULL;

eek - we have lots of these.

however we should be using tracker_spawn so maybe you can confine change
to that?

signal and limit functionality:

currently I don't know how and if it's even possible on windows but at
least create a limit function which will wrap this.

For some reason g_main_context_iteration doesn't work on my mingw
setup. I need to investigate this some more. It's quite strange. It
will just hang there. Even calling a simple function as checking if
there are any other functions available hangs the program.

we probably no longer need to call g_main_context_iteration

nfs: I'm not sure if nfs will run on windows so currently all the nfs
specifc code has been ifdef'ed.

The patch is against revno 540 and is tested on linux as well. I've
rediffed some of the patches in my last mail that are still needed:

rename shutdown to tracker_shutdown:

as explained in my last mail, shutdown clashes with system headers.

datadir -> trackerdatadir:

as explained in my last mail, datadir clashes with system headers.

why is datadir defined in inside libtracker? It doesn't
seem to be used.


don't needlessly include headers we don't need

I have placed the mingw patch here because it was too big to include
inside this mail:

There are still two trivial patches in my last mail (simplify-fam.diff
and spelling.diff):

That would be nice to have applied :)

ok will look at it soon - sorry for the delay but in a rush to get bugs
sorted for next release...


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