Re: [Tracker] Google Summer of code


jamie wrote:
I am considering doing the paperwork next week to get tracker as a
mentoring org for google's SoC

In order to make this worthwhile, there needs to be an ideas page (on
the tracker/live gnome org wiki) which google will look at when deciding
to give us anything

An idea would be providing support for running trackerd system-wide as
an enhancement to (s|r)?locate or a drop-in replacement.

This would require user and group matching, so the searching user only
sees files accessible to him/her and perhaps some way of shallow
indexing for certain files (I recently ran some ./ &&
./configure && make jobs in my $HOME and trackerd went crazy indexing
every single generated file.), distribution-specific sample
configurations and probably some other enhancements.

Don't know if that idea suffices for a SoC project though.

the deadline is 12th March so what I need are ideas and also are there
any students here that are eligible and willing to work on tracker for

Well, I could and probably would apply to projects not including
GTK+-development as I don't have any experience with this library.


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