Re: [Tracker] Is tracker development dead?

On Fri, 2007-06-29 at 09:05 -0400, Todd Slater wrote:
On 6/29/07, Jeff Schroeder <jeffschroed gmail com> wrote:
Several months ago, jaime wrote a blog posting showing the new
interface for tracker and showing how much better it was. This post
was in Feb and is here:

In that same blog posting dated Feb 13, 2007, jaime stated, "Expect a
release some time this week as I iron out the few remaining
bugs/issues. ". Since it is June 28th and there is still not a tracker
0.6 release... are we to assume that tracker development is dead?

Why not check out the latest from svn? I just built it yesterday.

If not, make a bloody release. Follow the release early, release often
mantra. Has beagle trumped tracker so much as to have you call it

This isn't a flame but I'm curious to know why there has not been a
release or even a peep from anyone about tracker. The only person who
has said anything is njpatel demoing his awesome work like affinity
built ontop of tracker.

I've been lurking on this list and while I wouldn't say there's been
ton of action, to say there hasn't been "even a peep" hardly seems
accurate, either:

Right now, beagle seems to be the way to go for a user trying to index
and search their documents. Am I wrong?

Only you know your requirements. But, google just released its desktop
search for linux. See also

the google one is not open source (so will not be shipped by open source
distros), lacks desktop integration and has no tagging/extensible
metadata so I dont think its a stright swap for tracker yet. (it has no
Evo support either nor XESAM support)

If you use a lot of google stuff like gmail and google office then
google desktop indeed makes more sense compared to beagle/tracker.


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