Re: [Tracker] [cc-devel] XMP/CC in Tracker, first patch

Why .filename.xmp ? It should be basename.xmp (no dot prepended)
I don't know where this convention comes from but definitely not the one
from the current (non-free) implementations.
I'd rather wish we don't reinvent the wheel.
Jamie will have to respond on this one.  It'd be convenient to have the
xmp hidden (Tracker wouldn't index it twice), but following the current
convention, which I wasn't aware of, would be best.
How does the patch look?  Style?  Approach? etc...  Also, how do I go
about getting commit access?

xmp_init() cost a lot to call. Same as xmp_terminate(). You should only
call then once. Actually xmp_terminate() isn't mandatory as when the
programm quits, things will be cleaned up.
I'm not sure what can be done about this one.  For each file that is
indexed, a separate process is spawned.
And the CC namespace of XMP is defined in the library. It is NS_CC. This
is cosmetic, but ensure that we use the right string.
Ah, I'll make sure to use that.


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