Re: [Tracker] [PATCH] fixing some bad misbehavior

On Tue, 2007-07-24 at 16:17 +0200, Marcus Fritzsch wrote:
Hi there,

as the new crawling is there I wanted to try it for my NFS exports
over the net, the problem: it did not worked, the crawled directories
were on the crawled directories list, but were never checked on start
- this is one part.

you just need to check the crawled directories are not sub directories
of the watched ones and then do as you have coded. 

The other part: when removing $HOME from WatchDirectoryRoots (also,
this 'disables' the t-p preferences checkbox), $HOME is added to the
watched directories if this list is empty (and so is indexed later

we default to home dir if no watches set - this has been the behaviour
since the beginning so not sure if I want to change it

Kind regards, Marcus

PS: is this the right place to add a check for the crawled directories?!

yeah it looks right

I will apply when you fix the above - thx

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