[Tracker] [Announce] Tracker 0.5.4 - Speed Daemon

I'm pleased to announce a new stable release of Tracker (version 0.5.4)
- the all-in-one indexer, search tool and extensible metadata database.

Tarball :

New Features :

* Indexing at ludicrous speed - massively optimised indexing so its now 10x faster than previous version. Indexing speeds are now around 100 text files per second (which is about the maximum possible considering the I/O time to read 100 files from a hard drive).

* Index while you work - now scheduled even better so it should never slow the system down whilst allowing users to work without being affected by or even noticing it.

Tracker will not hammer your system nor consume unreasonable amounts of memory and is virtually unobtrusive in daily use.

Also provides additional --throttle command line parameter to customise throttling even further so no need to endure noisy fans or hot laptops while indexing.

* New verbosity param to control how much data is shown on screen and in log

* Fixed mplayer backend which is now used if gstreamer backend returns no metadata

* Improved reaping of all spawned apps - no more zombies!

* Improved mime and text file detection

* Added improved deskbar-handler

* Got tracker to run nicely on FUSE based filesystems

What is it?

Tracker is a personal search tool and storage system that allows you to
search and enhance your personal data with the minimum of fuss.

It allows you to find the proverbial needle in your computer's haystack
as well as providing a one stop solution to the organisation, storage
and categorisation of your data.

What does it do?

Tracker trawls through your data and categorises it so that it can be
retrieved extremely quickly later on via simple searches.

This organisation puts your data into categories so that application
like photo managers and music players can instantly find relevant
content automatically

Tracker enables you to tag your data with keywords which can be used to
find related information or to group and categorise your data further

Tracker lets you extend your data with additional metadata

For more info, report bugs or to contact developers:

Mailing List:

Website :

#tracker on irc.gimp.net


Mr Jamie McCracken

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