Re: [Tracker] Sqlite now default in cvs (mysql backend wont compile yet!)

Edward Duffy wrote:
There's a problem with Search.Text not returning enough results when I
supply a service other than 'Files'.  I'm attaching a test program

1. Searches for $input with serivce='Files' and returns the first 256 results.
2. Calls Files.GetServiceType on each result and counts the number of
'Images' occurances.
3. Searches for $input with service='Images' and returns the first 20 results.
4. Print the number of results returned.

no need for python - you can see the bug using tracker-search

tracker-search -s Images -l 20 images

does indeed provide less than 20 results (when I have something like 500 images!) so I will investigate.

(note if you use more than 1 search term it works okay!)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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