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currently, when DBus connection goes down trackerd exits with status set
to 1. The culprit is dbus-daemon that runs as a per-user session
process. When it goes down trackerd follows.

A DBus aware process can avoid this exit with:
dbus_connection_set_exit_on_disconnect (connection, FALSE);
(It is required because dbus_bus_get() always set 'exit_on_disconnect'
to TRUE otherwise it would stay to FALSE)

Now trackerd doesn't crash anymore when it looses its connection to
DBus... but it won't be able to reconnect to DBus anymore, so trackerd
has to be shut down.
In fact, it is also useful to make trackerd exits on a DBus
disconnection because GNOME, KDE, XFCE, whatever, runs a dbus daemon
that will exit at end of session. Therefore treackerd is currently
crashing at end of session (look at trackerd's logs).

It is possible to catch the 'disconnected' signal from DBus and to make
trackerd exiting after a DBus disconnection. I propose a patch that
implement this idea.
But this patch is not very clean... I added a DBUS_ACTION named
DBUS_ACTION_DBUS_DISCONNECTED. I do not really like it since a
disconnection is not a DBUS action from a user... I also wonder if we
should extend how DBus treat DBus signals.
If I remember correctly, it is possible to use DBus to catch a signal
(from I-do-not-remember-what) to know whether a battery is going empty.
In this case, trackerd could stop to extract data but could continue to
index files and to answer to user requests.

You also see that I created a sort of new signal, the 'DBus connection
lost' for do_cleanup() in trackerd.c.  :-)

My patch is mainly to show the DBus/end of session problem and to think
how to do it cleanly.


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