Re: [Tracker] Search on tags does not work

Laurent Aguerreche wrote:

search on tags doesn't work: SetMetadata() is called with
MetaName='File.Keywords' which makes DataTypeID (and therefore
pDataType) equal to 99.

Then CASE can only treat 0, 1, 2, or 3 so SetMetadata() doesn't work.

In tracker.log:

tracker_exec_sql failed: Case not found for CASE statement [Call
SetMetadata('Files', '170', 'File.Keywords', 'equilibrium', '1')]

How can I fix that?

you cant - I decided its too dangerous to update keywords via SetMetadata. (as you can have multiple keywords set and a single call to SetMetadata would wipe them all out!)

You must use the Keywords Dbus interface to do so.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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