Re: [Tracker] possible bug? trackerd and device files


On 10/5/06, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk> wrote:
Marcus Fritzsch wrote:
> Hi there.
> I am currently having chrooted installation inside a tracker-indexed
> directory. The chroot does contain a /dev. The thing I am seeing, is
> trackerd reading from ${chrootdir}/dev/zero like mad ;).
> Possible fix to that might be in
>     src/trackerd/tracker-utils.c:tracker_file_is_valid
> on line 1054, and add
> to the g_file_test call. Well, that depends on whether directories are
> passed to tracker_file_is_valid.
> Can someone confirm this?

yes directories may be passed to it.

Does that fix work for you?

I have not tested it, I am having trouble compiling the current cvs versions...

Rgds, Marcus

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