[Tracker] Review trackerd command line options

As previously mentioned, the i18n support in trackerd should only
applied to --help messages.

Needed changes are yet in my cvs sandbox, but scrolling the trackerd.c
source I think that we should rename flags as follow:

        ## PROPOSED             ## CURRENT
        --exclude-dir -e        --ignore-dirs
        --include-dir -i
        --no-index              --disable-indexing
        --debug                 --enable-debug
        --turbo -t              <same>
        --low-memory -m         <same>
        --language -l           <same>

## Notes ##

      * The --include-dir will replace the G_OPTION_REMAINING, matching
        the --exclude-dir in feature and "layout"
      * the *dirs in current --ignore-dirs is wrong, 'cause you can
        specify one directory for each --ignore-dirs option (this is how
        G_OPTION_ARG_STRING_ARRAY works). To specify multiple
        directories, you have to set multiple options, so the plural
        form is wrong.
      * GOption seems to support a specific array for filenames,
        G_OPTION_ARG_FILENAME_ARRAY. I don't know what's the difference,
        but we are parsing filenames, so maybe we should it instad

Of course this could break current installations of tracker, if you are
launching this with custom flags. :-(

Comments ?

## Cool Additions ##

        --replace       As in beagled, could be used to shutdown and restart
        the daemon (is it needed?)
        --shutdown      Just to shutdown the daemon :-)

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