Re: [Tracker] Tracker in jhbuild

On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 09:10 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
I meant: is GStreamer able to _extract_ tags (album, artists...) from
video and audio files without any plugins, or is needed a specific
plugin to do it?

GStreamer by itself can't really do anything, as everything is a plugin.
What plugin you need depends on what you want to extract things from.

Having gst-plugins-base and -good (which everyone should have) lets you
read tags from a lot of formats, with exceptions like ASF, Real and
Quicktime-based stuff.

For example, the "taglib" plugins is used to write tags, and is
available only if you install gst-plugins-good package. Honestly I can't
find any tag extractor-only plugin using gst-inspect.

What you use to write tags depends on what format you want.

Some formats have specific retagging elements (e.g. vorbistag), some you
demux and then remux (id3demux and id3mux), and others may have it in
the container.

There is no magic "retagbin" element like decodebin, although I've had
ideas about writing one before.

Same for the "typefindfunctions" plugin, used to define the type of a
stream. It's installed by gst-plugins-good package. Are we using it,
maybe indirectly when invoking playbin? If so, we should check its
availability at configure time.

Please don't check for the existance of gstreamer plugins at compile
time. Many people add plugins later, and it also breaks cross-compiling
and the like.


James "Doc" Livingston
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i. Remove Cover and Extra Cover.
ii. Move fine leg to square leg.
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