Re: [Tracker] tracker deskbar applet

On 11/6/06, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen < mikkel kamstrup gmail com> wrote:

Well, that would be really wierd, but it seems like that is the case... Can you try and run

python -c "import os.path"

from the command line? If it prints nothing in the terminal that means it works. If it prints some error try:

I tried that and it gives no error. (Sorry, I should have mentioned that I had already tried that successfully inside the python intepreter.)

In looking at the code of the other handlers I have installed, there is one ( that also loads os.path, and that works fine. I tried adding 'import os' before before the line 'import os.path' to the python script, but that didn't help.

In any case, I'm pretty sure it's something else, because if I just run the on its own (from the command line with python), I get no error. Rather it outputs my Data Dir and my Handlers Dir (both of which are correct).

I don't know python at all, but in looking more closely at the error message originally generated by deskbar-applet, I wonder if the problem is that is not passing the correct parameters to pydoc. Because pydoc is generating an error on the following line: raise ErrorDuringImport(path, sys.exc_info())  Would that be the 'path' that is not correctly loading?

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