Re: [Tracker] Delaying release to end of weekend while I investigate...

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:

     >  - You *will* receive a lot of flak on this issue when you
    propose for
     > Gnome inclusion if mysql is inlined


Gut feeling. I think Tracker will be a big issue no matter what. It obviously is competing with Beagle (I know that they are functionally different, but none the less they overlap), especially when Beagle metadata storage hits head.

more bloat for Beagle!

btw the maintainer only decided to add metadata support when he realised how much more powerful tracker was.

Nevertheless we will always beat beagle in every single area (speed, memory, disk space, non-bloatedness etc)

In a straight fight tracker would win simply because it will work on any machine that runs gnome (not just wrt memory but also portability - beagle has problems on solaris)

mono and Lucene are the wrong sort of technology for memory efficient stuff - they cannot compete no matter how good they are.

After all Novell is a pretty strong factor,
and Mono just became a more or less accepted dependency...

not really - no existing modules may gain a mono dependency so nautilus or other parts of gnome wont be able to be tied to Beagle directly.

I expect a functionally equivalent C program to take precedence over a mono one as well as it will no doubt be distributable by everyone.

    If I dont then we lose the "just works" build. External dependencies
    strongly discouraged to core gnome.

    Anyway lets take evolution's berkeley DB as an example. This was a 25mb

Point taken. This has caused a few problems in the past though... Although I can't tell if those problems would have been even bigger without it being inlined.

Evolution was probably also easier to accept because it was the de facto gnome email/pim client anyway at the time, and it was written by Ximian who happened to be founded by Gnome co-founder Miguel De Icaza. Well, what do I know, but I think you will meet resistance - if not for the above reasons, then just out of plain human sceptisism for anything new.

The resistance to beagle will be far far higher than tracker. Long running apps like daemons and file managers in mono wont be allowed into gnome.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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