Re: [Tracker] First time user on FreeBSD with some troubles

On 4/24/06, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk> wrote:
Aron Stansvik wrote:

Okay, I think my directories are pretty moderately broad. I'm also
suspecting some file handle limit, but it's puzzling to not see any
"Too many open files" messages. I digged some into FreeBSD
documentation and found in tuning(7):

"The kern.maxfiles sysctl determines how many open files the system sup-
ports.  The default is typically a few thousand but you may need to bump
this up to ten or twenty thousand if you are running databases or large
descriptor-heavy daemons.  The read-only kern.openfiles sysctl may be
interrogated to determine the current number of open files on the system."

I shall do some investigation based on this information. I'll be back
with results/findings.

as tracker does not seg fault I'm not sure gdb will help?

I suggest valgrind though bear in mind it will run a lot slower in it.

run it with :
valgrind --tool=memcheck --num-callers=20 --track-fds=yes -v  trackerd

it should at least show where file handles were opened and not closed
and any other errors.

Okay. I might check it with valgrind.

Though now, with a more moderate number of files, tracker is
performing pretty well. The problem with the huge number of files gave
me a good reason to clean out my directory with old code cruft. I've
been meaning to do that for a long time. It decreased the number of
files drastically, and I have the files in SVN anyway so I don't need
them lying around in ~.

If I start having problems again I'll bring out valgrind/gdb for a run over.

BTW I tested with dbus activation too and it works fine.

Some day I might try to make a KDE interface of some sort.


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