Re: Having trouble trying to get the functional tests of TinyMail to work

Hi Br (and everyone else),

Thank you - that was exactly the case - when I sent an email
to that Gmail account with an attachment, I suddenly saw
my iterator was valid and was then able to see both of the
mime parts (the "text/plain" and the "application/pdf").

So, I see this as a bug - the "tny_mime_part_get_parts()"
function SHOULD return a list for the degenerate case, where
you have an email that just has a single mime part - there
does not seem to be an API to query a message, asking for
the number of mime parts that it contains!  This means you
have to call the function to get the mime parts, and if the
iterator that gets returned is "done", the assumption is
that there is only 1 mime part - pretty silly.  Should I
file a bug?  The function that is responsible is this one:


If you look at its logic, it clearly misses the case where
you have a single mime part TnyMsg !  I'd offer to fix it
myself, but I'm not familiar enough with the TinyMail CAMEL
implementation to confidently address this issue.

So here is my code snippet that will workaround for the bug:

    // time to get to the MEAT of this message - we start out by
    // getting all the mime parts of this message...
    TnyList * l_mime_parts = tny_simple_list_new ();
    tny_mime_part_get_parts (TNY_MIME_PART (msg), l_mime_parts);
    TnyIterator * iter = tny_list_create_iterator (l_mime_parts);

    if( tny_iterator_is_done (iter) )
        // we only have ONE mime part, so show its content type...
        // (this is a bug in tny_camel_mime_part_get_parts_default!!)
        g_print ("                          => mime_part content type : %s\n",
                tny_mime_part_get_content_type (TNY_MIME_PART(msg)) );
    } else {
        while (!tny_iterator_is_done (iter))
            // okay - we have some mime part of this message - show its type...
            TnyMimePart * l_mime_part = TNY_MIME_PART (tny_iterator_get_current (iter));
            g_print ("                          => mime_part content type : %s\n",
                    tny_mime_part_get_content_type (TNY_MIME_PART(l_mime_part)) );
            g_object_unref (l_mime_part);

            // well, we're done with this mime part - onto the next one...
            tny_iterator_next (iter);

    // we're done with the iterator and the message mime parts, so cleanup...;
    g_object_unref (iter);
    g_object_unref (l_mime_parts);

Thanks again for your help on this issue.

Now for the next question - once you have the mime part that you want
(in this case, the "text/plain" mime part), HOW do you then read the
body of the message?  Just an outline will do...

Again, I don't want to use any TinyMail UI framework stuff - just the
low-level APIs to simply read the body of an email (where the mime-type
is just "text/plain").

Here is what I thought I should do (after seeing that I have a mime part
type of "text/plain", for example):

            CamelStream *stream = camel_stream_mem_new ();
            TnyStream *dest = TNY_STREAM (tny_camel_stream_new (stream));
            tny_stream_reset (dest);
            tny_mime_part_decode_to_stream_async (TNY_MIME_PART(msg), dest, decode_to_stream_callback, NULL, NULL);
            g_object_unref (dest);

Then, my "decode_to_stream_callback" functions looks like this:

static void
decode_to_stream_callback (TnyMimePart *self, gboolean cancelled, TnyStream *stream, GError *err, gpointer user_data)
    // announce that we got called back to decode a stream for some message mime part..
    g_print ("decode_to_stream_callback => Time to decode a stream for some text/plain mime part, cancelled = %d\n", cancelled);

    char tmp_buf[4096];
    gssize nb_total = 0;
    gssize nb_read;

    // for now, just see if we can read all the bytes in the decoded stream - we'll
    // display the contents later...
    while ( !tny_stream_is_eos (stream) )
        nb_read = tny_stream_read (stream, tmp_buf, sizeof (tmp_buf));
        nb_total += nb_read;
    g_print ("decode_to_stream_callback => number of bytes read from the TnyStream = %d\n", nb_total);


Unfortunately, this does not seem to be quite right, as I always show that I
have read 0 bytes - so, any hints on this issue?  Thanks again in advance for
any help / assistance ...

- Steve Rosen

Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
En 19/05/10 00:54, Steve Rosen escribiu:
In the above code, the url_string for the message gets dumped
out and is exactly correct - in fact, I can run over to the
account store on disk and literally type out each retrieved

BUT - when I try to get the mime parts for the message, I
don't see ANY mime parts dumped out!  Any thoughts as to why
the "tny_mime_part_get_parts()" function isn't finding any
mime parts?  In this callback function, I'm just trying to
show the content type for each mime part of the message, of

Do you see anything wrong with the above code?  It seems like
it SHOULD work...

Yes, the code is correct. I can only think in one situation where you
could get no output and it is the case that all your messages are made
of a single mime part, i.e, they are just plain text messages, with no
attachments, no inlines, no nothing :-)

In that case the TnyMsg is the TnyMimePart you're looking for, because
TnyMsg is just another subtype of TnyMimePart.


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