Re: mail notification using tinymail

Hi Jose,

Thanks - I'd be more than happy to contribute anything I
can - I'm under a bit of a crunch right now on my project,
but when the dust settles, I'll see what I can do...

- Steve Rosen

José Dapena Paz wrote:
El lun, 02-08-2010 a las 09:43 -0700, Steve Rosen escribió:

All in all, I have found using the tinymail library a little bit
non-intuitive at first, but once you start to grasp the overall
architecture, it makes perfect sense and is actually fairly easy
to use - the developers did a very good job of layering and also
partitioning the logic that is needed to develope a very nice 
email client - kudos to them for that!  But the documentation is,
shall we say, a little bit lacking.  However, the code is pretty
clean - and not very difficult to follow - you just have to spend
a little bit of time reading code and drawing a few diagrams!

	If you have good diagrams, we would be really happy to get them
contributed. Also, any small case description you want to contribute (as
you did in your mails) would fit in the project wiki.

	Also, I'm slowly moving wiki contents to Gitorious. So, if you wish to
add new content already in the new wiki (or update or modify anything
you feel you should change) we'll be also happy.

	The gitorious wiki is:

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