Re: Patch: new TnyCamelHtmlToTextStream

El mié, 17-06-2009 a las 23:13 +0300, Dirk-Jan C.Binnema escribió:

> Do you actually convert HTML to plain text? Or is it just the raw-HTML as
> text? It seems non-trivial to convert HTML to plain text.

	:) I convert html to plain text. But what I did was some work to adapt
already existing Camel classes for this, so work was small. All the hard
part is already available in Camel side.

	In particular, there's an object CamelMimeFilterStream, where you can
set lots of conversion filters. This is one of them, another is for
converting crlf, there are encoding converters, etc. So the TnyStream I
implemented just sets up properly this stream with the proper filter.

José Dapena Paz <jdapena igalia com>

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